Zeus tipps tricks

The Zeus slot by WMS is one of the popular modern slot games. An extraordinary design of the game screen and bonus features still attract both experienced players and beginners. This popularity has won it a reputation of modern classics along with other popular one-armed bandits — Book of Ra (Novomatic) and Gonzo’s Quest (NetEnt), Cleopatra (Novomatic) and others.

Lots of players wonder whether there are any secrets of the Zeus slot that can help to win great prizes. Are there any ways to beat the slot and win a guaranteed large prize? Let us consider it in detail in this article.

Secrets of slots

Modern slots are quite complex programs. You interact only with the interface that features a game screen and a control panel, which is only the tip of the slot’s iceberg. The simple and understandable visual component hides various computing mechanisms and complicated algorithms.

To understand how the slot works you need to be aware of the following notions:

  • the construction of reels
  • the random number generator

Each reel has its construction. As a rule, a reel features from 30 to 100 symbols. Each symbol is assigned its own number (for example, the Wild symbol — 0, nines — 1, tens — 2, etc.). The number of identical pictures on the reel differs. The higher-paying the symbol, the less frequently it comes up in the game screen. It is the frequency of the symbol on the reel that determines its chances of coming up in the game window.

Zeus slot machine cheats

The random number generator (RNG) is a program that randomly selects numbers from the reels. For example, in Zeus each reel has three fields. So, RNG picks three random symbols for each reel. Keep in mind that:

  • the random number generator is not cyclical. There is no algorithm that would guarantee you a winning combo for each several spins
  • the only parameter that affects the random number generator is the theoretical return to player. This percentage determines the total amount of payouts (what the slot can pay in the long term) but it does not affect the frequency of combinations

The slot performs complex mathematical calculations and generates a series of random numbers that are displayed in the game screen as symbols. All combinations that land during the gameplay are totally random and unpredictable due to the program of the slot.

Considering the unpredictability of the gameplay the secrets of slots come down to a simple formula — collect the highest-paying combos and activate bonuses to win large prizes. You cannot affect the frequency of combinations and the amount of payouts of this one-armed bandit in any other way.

Zeus Slots Cheats

Of course, there are illegal methods — you can hack the slot by creating an additional program which affects the random number generator. However, these actions are strictly forbidden in online casinos and are unacceptable even on free platforms. If you interfere with the operation of a slot you violate the rules of developers, so you will be punished by law.

If you play honestly, you should not look for Zeus slot machine cheats. The change of bets or tricks with buttons (when you activate two buttons on the control panel at once or click the Start button frequently) are not helpful in the licensed versions of the slot.
Zeus tipps tricks

In this case, the question remains — how to beat slots. There is no universal way to win large rewards yet. But experienced players offer Zeus tipps that will be helpful during the gameplay:

  • carefully study the game rules, the paytable and bonus features of the slot in detail
  • play the trial version of the slot. Spend some time playing for credits to get the hang of the controls and memorise special symbols
  • determine how much real money you can bet and do not exceed this amount during the gameplay
  • set loss and win limits. We recommend setting a win limit by using the paytable
  • stop playing once the amount in your account reaches one of your limits as one of the Zeus slots cheats.

Let us discuss these tips by using the Zeus slot as an example. The picture of Zeus and a hand with the lightning are the highest-paying symbols of the slot. You win rewards with the maximum multipliers for his portraits. The lightning in a fist launches up to 100 free spins. You can relaunch them during the bonus round. Before playing for real money get the hang of the trial version of this slot. Based on your experience, set limits for the real game.


Zeus tipps & tricks lie on the surface — you need to know game rules and features of the slot to play responsibly and win. Slots are unpredictable games of luck. So, the best way to win is to monitor changes in your balance and use bonus features.